Why do the foreigners marry Russian girls?

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A Russian wifeA Russian wife who has married an American agreed to answer this question. This is the question that she has been asked herself and her husband Jack many times, but she never got any certain answer, though she always had some clues of her own. First of all Zhenya disagrees with the fact that Americans marry Russian women because they have a lot of kindness and patience, and do not demand many things.
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Kherson Women – What are they?

khersonwomensIt is not a secret that girls from Ukraine are known all over the world for their special beauty. This fact explains why hundreds of foreign men choose to marry these gorgeous ladies every year. If you have ever had a chance to see Ukrainian ladies, then there is no need to explain how beautiful and charming they are. As you can notice they pay much attention to their looks, they always look nice and elegant. It is not an easy task to find such a gorgeous wife as most of the Ukrainian women are.
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Talking to One Woman or Several Russian Brides?

perfectladyMany of the men looking for Russian brides on-line prefer to date several of them at once. Why would men with serious intentions behave like this?

Some of the men really seem confused with the great amount of strikingly beautiful Russian girls and know that Russian women are very selective in their preferences; that is why they usually ask what is better: corresponding with one lady or with several at once?

The thing is that men with serious intentions feel discomfort of writing to more than a one woman, but together with this they realize it takes time to learn a person before deciding she is the one to spend the rest of life with.
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