Russian brides and their criteria for a man

Russian wivesSome people think that such things as mutual sympathy and mutual compatibility (which lately is chosen only by the computer), is enough for having a relationship, and what about the mutual aims, and expectations, all of those things as well as love are crucial for a happy family life. Men usually judge women basically on their physical appearance only, while women, especially Russian women who are tired of doing everything their female, but also male obligations, are looking for love they need a strong and loving shoulder of a man they can always rely on.
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Fiancee visa for a Russian bride, and social protection.

Russian bridesA lot of women who are coming to America by means of the fiancée visa are wondering about the rights of the Russian wives in America, about the social protection, about whether they will be able or not to find a job, and to depend all the time on their husband only. Are they able or not to have some social help in the case if their marriage will collapse and so on.
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Why do the foreigners marry Russian girls?

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A Russian wifeA Russian wife who has married an American agreed to answer this question. This is the question that she has been asked herself and her husband Jack many times, but she never got any certain answer, though she always had some clues of her own. First of all Zhenya disagrees with the fact that Americans marry Russian women because they have a lot of kindness and patience, and do not demand many things.
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