Beautiful eyes and sexy accent.

Happy couple looking at sunset in winterOmar 32 years old, manager of a fancy restaurant in New York.

I am a person who is open to everything new, for me it doesn’t matter from what country the woman i like is, as i am looking for love, as any other normal man, and geography in this important matter is not an issue. We are people, so no matter if we admit it or not, all of us deep down in our soul want and crave for love, we all need to be truly loved by our soul mates, in good or bad times, and in any material issue which might arise in the future. When there is love and understanding and trust does it really matter whether the woman is Russian or American?
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Types of Russian Women Looking for a Foreign Husband

russianwomenIt is a fact that Russian women looking for a foreign husband on-line are all different. There are many types of them. Some Russian women are younger, some are older, some are more experienced in relationships, some are not.  Ones are looking for a way out of country; others are looking for better opportunities in the Western world with everything it has to offer.
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Russian brides and their criteria for a man

Russian wivesSome people think that such things as mutual sympathy and mutual compatibility (which lately is chosen only by the computer), is enough for having a relationship, and what about the mutual aims, and expectations, all of those things as well as love are crucial for a happy family life. Men usually judge women basically on their physical appearance only, while women, especially Russian women who are tired of doing everything their female, but also male obligations, are looking for love they need a strong and loving shoulder of a man they can always rely on.
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