How to not get attached after a hookup with a hot partner

Casual sex should remain casual, since it’s a primary deal and both partners’ choice. If for some reason, a person excites you too much, it’s better to avoid the emotional attachment.

“I slept with Amanda only once but I immediately got attached, since she was drop dea gorgeous. When this happens, nothing helps, neither your friends’ advice nor your own logic.

What helped me is hookup dating blog where I found many answers to my questions. Folks were sharing their stories and I made sure it’s never a good idea to fall for your hookup. So I stopped”.

 “We used to meet with Kevin just for quick sex”, Sabrina says. “Neither of us needed any complications. Imagine my condition when I understood I am starting to fall for him.

The very first thing you need to say to yourself, is that model-looking and overly sexy people shall only bring difficulties and disappointments into your life. They can be materialistic and selfish.

This simple thought has helped me to refuse from any feelings towards Kevin and eventually stop hookuping with him. There are so many guys over there and sexual life requires variety”.