Beautiful eyes and sexy accent.

Happy couple looking at sunset in winterOmar 32 years old, manager of a fancy restaurant in New York.

I am a person who is open to everything new, for me it doesn’t matter from what country the woman i like is, as i am looking for love, as any other normal man, and geography in this important matter is not an issue. We are people, so no matter if we admit it or not, all of us deep down in our soul want and crave for love, we all need to be truly loved by our soul mates, in good or bad times, and in any material issue which might arise in the future. When there is love and understanding and trust does it really matter whether the woman is Russian or American? I think any relationship requires a lot of work, so what if the woman you chose grew up in a different world and she has different values or beliefs. The most important thing is to find something in common and to use it as a basis while building the future together. Also i think it is very important for us men to realize that it is not only for us hard to adjust with the fact that our chosen woman is an adept of a different culture, but it is also important to realize that for her it is not easy as well to adjust with our lifestyle, especially considering the fact that she has to move and change her life completely for the sake of her man, as eventually woman is the one who is relocating and following her man anywhere. So it is important to help and support your woman while she is adjusting to the new to her reality, and to get deeper into her interior world.

As about the stereotypes about the women from Europe, which state that every man in USA thinks about Russian women that they are “corresponding fiancées” only or are seeking for a supporting person or a sponsor, i can say that it is not true, at least not according to my own experience, which eventually i trust most of all, and once again, i cannot say that there are no American women who also love money. I saw a lot of couples here, when he is a sixty years old billionaire, and she is a twenty years old model. Usually something like this makes me sick.


Russian women, in my opinion are mostly aimed on finding one special partner with who they would live their life with, and not a sponsor. I think it is very important that the child who would appear in such international family would speak the language of both of his parents. I have a daughter with my wife originally from Moscow, but she is not very happy about learning Russian, as we live in New York, though I insist that our girl should know both of the languages and the history of her mother’s native country.

And of course i can talk a lot about the beauty of Slavic women. There is something in their physical appearance that is really catching. Eyes, they have amazing eyes. And the Russian accent is very sexy. They always tend to look for one million dollars at least, and at the same time somehow even using makeup they have the ability to look very natural. They easily spend money, in the case if they lead a wealthy lifestyle. In general they have high standards, and always want only the best. For me it is always a great pleasure to speak with a smart and beautiful lady, who is aware of the impression she is making, and that is why feels so confident, there is something breathtaking about that.