Fiancee visa for a Russian bride, and social protection.

Russian bridesA lot of women who are coming to America by means of the fiancée visa are wondering about the rights of the Russian wives in America, about the social protection, about whether they will be able or not to find a job, and to depend all the time on their husband only. Are they able or not to have some social help in the case if their marriage will collapse and so on. Eventually when someone is getting married there is no plan to divorce at all, but things do happen sometimes and it is much easier if being aware of the situation the way it is, instead of finding yourself helpless in a foreign country.

Well there is a part of risk to stay with nothing after the marriage, as according to the law, the Russian wife almost doesn’t have rights at all until the moment when she gets her own citizenship. That is why it is much easier to get married and have a contract of your own, this way it will be easier to get out of situation if it will become a not pleasant one, and maybe even a bit dangerous.

The only right advice would be before getting married especially by means of the fiancée visa, it would be great if getting to know your future spouse better, this way you will know what things to expect, and what things not to expect from him, a good husband and man will always create such comfortable conditions and space for his wife that she will feel happy and secured with him. And of course there is a difference in promised and certain things done. From the experience of the other women there is a conclusion that the promises made by American husbands are not always fulfilled. In this situation there is nothing better than a detailed conversation with the future husband in order to settle all the things that worry you, which would be followed not by words only, but deeds as well.


This way it will be easier to make the decision whether to trust this person with your fate and life, or it will be better to take care of yourself on your own as usually. And lets not forget there will be only three months given in order to settle all of the issues and to decide to get married or not, this is the term given by United States for making the decision whether to get married or not.

The other problem Russian women are struggling with are marriages with Muslim people, which eventually is very hard, as all of them are being raised within the Christian Orthodox religion, and for them turning into another religion is same as for example rejecting their parents, not to mention the fact that their family will forget about their existence as soon as they will get to know the situation this kind of bride in.

What should Russian bride do in this case, well the most common answer would be, she was supposed to think about it carefully before getting married, and before even starting the communication, as Muslim people usually never hide their religion and talk about Allah on the every single day basis. So if knowing all of those things but still starting the communication it means that she knew what she was “signing up for”, and eventually it automatically has become her own problem. From which there is no one on this Earth who could possibly help her getting out of it. Knowing the thing but still going for it, means creating your own problems, and while being able to create them you need to be able to solve them as well, as this is how it works. A good advice would be communicating with the future husband and getting to know his views on the issue, maybe together you will be able to get out of this difficult situation. If there really is love between you two, then you will be able to overcome all of the problems, and if not than there wasn’t really reason to fight for.