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How to find Ukrainian wifeWhere to meet girls-one of the most frequently asked questions, the answer to which is so obvious. After all, girls are absolutely everywhere, respectively, and you can meet them anywhere. It would be more logical to ask the question “how to meet House Ukrainian wife?” But I’ll tell you about it later.

Girls love shopping and often do it to cheer yourself up. They are in no hurry, they have a lot of free time. In addition, cafes in shopping centers rife.

A Cup of tea before the second round of shopping-the most it. And where else do you meet so many girls per square meter? Except that in the club, but more on that later. You can go and choose all day, the girls will not be less. And besides attractive visitors there, as a rule, very lovely consultants work. Shopping centers are the #1 place to meet girls!

 Fitness club

Then you do all the cards in your hand. You can go there looking for Ukrainian wife. You have an opportunity to choose the most well-groomed and attractive young ladies. You can immediately consider the figure, watch how hard she trains.

These “sports” representatives of the fair sex carefully look after themselves, love themselves and know their value.

Yes and imagine, as she looks outside the room. Now think about how everyone’s gonna stare at you when you’re talking to her.

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I can say with confidence that the cafe or pub is an ideal place for a quick and easy acquaintance. In the cafe, no one is in a hurry, and the atmosphere itself has a casual conversation. Especially if the place is popular and crowded. In addition, the probability of meeting beautiful girls in a cafe is much more than in any other place and even a club. She’ll be in a good mood because he’s resting. And you can choose a good time to start a conversation.


Someone loves club parties, and for someone the club is still an impregnable fortress. It has its own rules, it has its own atmosphere. Here it is necessary to act quite differently than in ordinary life. In the club people are on vacation, in the club people allow themselves that in everyday life would not allow. And if in normal life the girl can be modest, it doesn’t mean that in club she too will sit aside.


In fact, to find Ukrainian wife on the street is the most difficult. The girls have a belief that it is indecent to meet on the street. So you can hear these phrases:” I’m on the street do not meet” or even “I have a boyfriend.” And what if it is on the street or in the Parking lot you saw a beauty?!

Correct! Act and do not care about the prevailing opinion. A real man does not depend on the circumstances. It creates opportunities. On the street we all happen most often, because there are likely to meet good girls. And remember, you can find a fantastic girl almost everywhere. The main thing is not to think, but to act. You know how? Afraid?

What to talk to her about?

Build trust. Before she talks, she wants to know who you are. Why out of everyone on the street, you walked up to her. And what exactly do you want from her? Answer these questions before she asks them. I was walking and I saw you. Loved it. Couldn’t pass. Don’t talk platitudes. Open your target. She’s probably in a hurry. Don’t take her time, talk to the ukriane wife

 How to complete the acquaintance?

Whatever he was coming for. Make an appointment, ask for a phone number for details. You can offer to talk right now in a nearby cafe. Openly says that you want to see her. Thus you avoid questions about why you need her number. Don’t ask him, take him. Don’t ask for a meeting, offer it.

Dating girls on the street is much easier and more enjoyable than you imagine. And in order to understand this, you need to start getting acquainted yourself. Drive and adrenaline you provided.

Very cool reception – it’s just to make an appointment, not to ask her phone. Just need to choose the right moment. When you cute exchanged a few words, say that it would be nice to go to a movie, coffee or a walk. You don’t ask for anything, you make an offer. If she likes you, the question is ” Why do you need my phone number?”will disappear as unnecessary. But at the same time she may ask exactly where you will go. So have a pre-conceived list of some interesting places.

You obviously are in a losing position when the girl has power over you and decides whether you will meet again or not. Don’t ask, don’t ask, don’t ask for a phone number, just take it. For example, you can openly say that you liked her, and you want to meet her again. And for that, you need her phone number.

When you do, drop her a tracker to make sure you got it right. This is also important, because many young ladies do not pick up the phone when they call unfamiliar numbers.

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