Talking to One Woman or Several Russian Brides?

perfectladyMany of the men looking for Russian brides on-line prefer to date several of them at once. Why would men with serious intentions behave like this?

Some of the men really seem confused with the great amount of strikingly beautiful Russian girls and know that Russian women are very selective in their preferences; that is why they usually ask what is better: corresponding with one lady or with several at once?

The thing is that men with serious intentions feel discomfort of writing to more than a one woman, but together with this they realize it takes time to learn a person before deciding she is the one to spend the rest of life with.
Different people view this situation differently and it makes things even worse as there is no certain confidence of what is correct and what is not.

Some men prefer talking to many girls in hope to meet ‘Her’ and experience chemistry. Some are afraid to focus on one Russian bride only and after unsuccessful meeting in flesh realize it was a pure waste of time, money that ruined their dreams.

However, dating many women on-line at once is indeed complicated: men get confused by a great amount of attractive women and they are afraid to hurt some of them, especially if a woman, or even worse, several of them start feeling special about the man.

Most commonly men start corresponding with many girls, then getting to know them better; most of the men narrow this list to potential two or even one girl to visit. Some men prefer phone calls as they don’t think internet correspondence is sufficient to make a decision to meet a girl in flesh. Conversation on the phone lets a man hear his lady’s reaction, feelings and emotions that can be decisive for his intending visit.

So, what the best advice can be in this situation? Listen to your heart! If it tells you she is the ‘one’, go for it!