Why do the foreigners marry Russian girls?

A Russian wifeA Russian wife who has married an American agreed to answer this question. This is the question that she has been asked herself and her husband Jack many times, but she never got any certain answer, though she always had some clues of her own. First of all Zhenya disagrees with the fact that Americans marry Russian women because they have a lot of kindness and patience, and do not demand many things. After living for a while in America she realized that not Russians differ from Americans, but American women differ from Russian ones. Russian women have higher demands towards their husbands, than any other American wife. Sometimes there are born such demons inside of them, which it is very hard for their husbands to deal with them. It same like in the good old story when you chase too many things, as a result you stay with nothing.

The second thing, there is a stereotype that usually losers are the one who get married, and that is not true as well. There are a lot of women i know throughout different States who are married with Americans and almost all of them have normal husbands who are far away from being on the bottom of the society. I would even say that the situation is completely different; there are quite rich men around them.

I think before answering the question why do they (American men) marry us (Russian girls) we first of all need to answer the question why do we marry them, I think it happens mostly due to the fact that we are so dissapointed in our own (Russian) men. We believe that on the other edge of the world our special one and only man are walking. And of course the not stable situation in our own country is not very helping either.

What about them, men? Well American men are also very disappointed in their own women, and they also truly believe that on the other side of the world are walking their one and only woman, with who they will share their life, hopes, dreams and aspirations with. This way we all open Internet accounts where we find thousands of lonely people who are looking for the same things in life as we do, they are smart and educated, so why not risking in attempt to become happy!?hapyrussian

And this is the all true story. My Jack has married me because he fell in love with me as soon as he saw my picture and my letters, at least this is what he is telling me ( if only he knew that at the beginning I had sample letters that I was sending to all of my admirers). He went to the church and asked God to help us meet in real life, and everything worked very well for us, that are why I believe that marriages happen in the skies, that is why i am very grateful for everything I have in my life.

And also i should mention that one of the main features men find so attractive about Russian women, are our beauty, because every Russian girl since being small is raised with the thought that no matter what is the mood and how many problems are surrounding the look should always be a perfect one, and there are no ugly women, there are women who do not really use cosmetics, or simply don’t know how to use it, that is why it is important to take care of yourself, and to respect yourself, as if you cannot love and respect yourself then why should your man do it for you?! Of course that would be nonsense. Here is the recipe of happiness: respect yourself and your man, and share as much love and tenderness as possible, as this is the key of successful life.