You will learn about the expectations of Russian women regarding touch, sex and having an intimate relationship

russiansexmarriageEverything regarding relationship in a couple or the surprising facts about the laws in different countries. There are many unexpected things that cannot be met in various countries or laws. Some of them are old, some of them are much “younger”, but there are surprising facts in both of the ages. Here are only a few aspects.

The things that wife is able to do, and the things that she is forbidden to do.

Like for example in Michigan a wife is not allowed to make a new haircut till the time when she will get personal allowance of her husband for it, and even if it is a simple formality nowadays, with a certain desire the husband who is not happy with his wife’s new haircut may use this formality. In the state of Montana a spouse doesn’t have the right to open her husband’s mail as in the contrary case she will go to the prison, though in Arizona married women have a significant advantage in comparison with the unmarried ones: if before marriage each woman doesn’t have the right to fish all by herself, even in case if she is engaged, than after the wedding she can go to fishing without being accompanied, though only on Sundays. In Florida an unmarried lady is not allowed jumping with a parachute, only the married ones and on Sundays.

But there are places where the rude family affairs are allowed. Maybe someone doesn’t know but in all the parts of the world there are various rules that are allowing physical violence in a family.  Like for example in Jasper city that is located in the state of Alabama, there husband has the right to punish his wife with the stick in order to teach her how to behave, but not each kind of stick, only the one that has the size of the big finger on the hand of the husband.

In Los Angeles it is allowed to use belt in order to punish the wife and to educate her, though if the belt will be larger than two inches than there is needed wives agreement in order to use it. In the contrary case if the permission will not be obtained, than the execution would be pronounced as a one that is without the boundaries of law. In Arkansas also is allowed physical punishment towards the wife, but there are time boundaries: not more often than once per month.


Even the “old rules” Great Britain offers the right to the husband to beat his wife, but the time allowed for it only till 21:00. This time boundary was accepted on the basis that the victims are able to finish up with the rest of their neighbors. And only in Hong Kong it is considered that the wife has the right to defend herself, via using a lot of ways. She is allowed to kill her husband who became a terrible liar that betrayed her, if she would be able to make self judgment with her bare hands without using any arms or other tools.

There are a lot of things that are allowed in the laws “about that”.

There is a great variety of laws that are giving an attention to the most delicate sphere of marriage and marital relationships.

In Minnesota it is prohibited having an intimate act with the wife to the husband who was not able to get rid of the smell of garlic or onion after food. Also it is forbidden to the man to speak some obscene expressions during having intimate relationship in Oregon.

In Montana sexual partners including the ones that are in legal marriage the intimate closeness is allowed only in the missioner position, but even this position is prohibited in front of the house after the sunset. It is amazing, isn’t it?

Although in front of the house is not the worst thing. In the state of Wyoming, like for example it is prohibited making sex before entering a shop (each time during the day). In Nebraska sexual relationship is allowed only in the case if a person is wearing fresh underwear, in Nevada sexual relationship is allowed only while using condoms.


In Ames, that is located in Iowa, husband during making love process, has the right to drink some beer, not more than three sips. But the worst law is in the state of Utah, according to which “this” is not allowed to do with a man who is being transported into reanimation.

But do not think that this kind of pearls is characteristic only to the American “dumb laws”. The European honor in this subject is being successfully defended by Germany. In this law abiding country exist a law according to which it is completely forbidden to avoid the performance of the marriage obligations on Wednesdays. The not following of these specific actions may serve as a good enough bases for divorce according to the request of the not satisfied partner.

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